My Personal Statement

One day, I will be in a nerd robotics lab !!!!

I cannot imagine how proud I would be in the future introducing my robotics project to others, especially my beloved one.

I wil have all my working stuff organized in a perfect way that others may never understand, whereas I shall always be proud of this personality.

I can machine anything I need in that lab, with no need to ask others for helping me produce some workpiece.

Comparing to other major, I know robotics is not a fully developed area, which means that we shall work really hard to make little progress. However, that is the reason why so many others are so obsessed with it, because we are trying to push the boundaries of robotics, thus improving lives of human beings and shaping our future.

I want to be a roboticist, to be one of the best, and to create the best robots for me, for my university, and most importantly, for our world!

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